Admission Procedure

Students are admitted to UKG & Std. XI. Applications for admission to UKG are ordinarily filled online two months prior to the commencement of the academic year. The dates for applying are announced every year through the school website. The academic year begins in the first week of April. Normally, casual vacancies in other Classes are filled in after the commencement of the academic year. However, no new admission will be given in Class IX, X and XII.

Application forms for admission to class XI are ordinarily filled immediately after the announcement of the CBSE class X results.

An affidavit stating the date of Birth should be submitted at the time of admission along with the date of birth certificate issued by the competent authority. No further change will be made once this date has been registered in the school records.

Selection of the candidates is done on the basis of a process approved by the governing body of the school. Any Pressure for admission by the offer of donation, letters of recommendation or influence of any nature will automatically disqualify the candidate for admission to any standard.

The whole purpose of education is to turn Mirrors into Windows

Admission to Class XI

The Senior School Certificate Course offered here is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi, and is a two year Post Secondary School Course which has been recognized by all the Indian Universities as equivalent to the Intermediate College Examination. On completion of the course, the candidates are eligible to begin the three year degree course in the Universities.

Since admission to Class XI is designed to be SELECTIVE in the Government's Scheme of education, students of Class X must apply for admission to Class XI when applications are called for and appear for an Aptitude Test. Hence, High School studies in this school will not be a guarantee for admission to Higher Secondary (Plus Two) Course in this School.


Apart from the minimum qualification prescribed by the Central Board, the school has its own norms of eligibility for admission. Eligibility will depend on the following:

  • High academic performance in the Board Examination and Entrance Test.
  • Regularity in attendance during IX and X. Thus, only those students can be accommodated who in addition to mental ability have also displayed serious application to studies.
  • Character and conduct of the candidate should be such that during the course here at St. Xavier's Higher Secondary School he/she has shown clear evidence that he/she has benefited from the Character formation offered in the school. Mere academic performance WILL NOT MAKE the student eligible for admission to class XI. The Principal, in consultation with the Governing Body of the school, is the final arbiter in this matter.

For the Science Stream we expect CGPA of 9.4 (90%) or above and CGPA of 8.4 (80%) or above is a must for the Commerce Stream.

For admissions, the first priority will be given to the students of St. Xavier's Higher Secondary School.

If a student leaves the school during the Plus Two Course, NONE of the fees paid by him/her, will be refunded.

No student is permitted to come to school driving a motor bike/scooter or a car. This will be strictly enforced by the school authorities.

School fees will be charged in two instalments. For the fee structure refer to the school website and the fees are to be paid online through the parent-portal.

Mobile phones and other electronic gadgets are not allowed in the school campus.

Policy of St. Xavier's Higher Secondary School

In the context of the unequal socio-economic condition in our country, and in the light of the evaluation of the educational work of the Society of Jesus all over the world by its own members, a new policy orientation has been introduced at St. Xavier's Higher Secondary School. Some of its features are the following:

We are a Catholic school committed to the service of faith in God and the promotion of justice for the poor. Therefore, our first concern is towards the Christians of Champaran District and toward the children of the immediate local community who are able to meet the minimum academic requirements of this school. Finally, through a process of selection, admission will be granted to other children as well.

Course of Studies

The school prepares the students for the All India Secondary School (Class IX-X) and the Senior School Certificate Examinations (Class XI-XII) conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi.

Medium of Instruction

Medium of instruction for all classes will be English.

Grading System

Scholastic - A
Marks RangeGradeGradePoint
Scholastic - B
Marks RangeGradeGradePoint